The Way Given
by Avatar
Adi Da Samraj

The Way Given
by Avatar
Adi Da Samraj

Adidam is not a conventional religion, not a conventional way of life.
Adidam is not based on mythology or belief.

Adidam is a “reality consideration” in which the various modes of egoity are directly transcended.
Adidam is a universally applicable Way of Life.

Adidam is for those who will choose It, and whose hearts and intelligence fully respond to Me and My Offering.
Adidam is a Great Revelation, and it is to be freely and openly communicated to all.


The source of the Reality-Way of Adidam is Avatar Adi Da Himself. From beginning to end, the practice of Adidam is founded on one’s ever deepening devotional recognition and response to Avatar Adi Da’s Divine State of Being. This simple, tacit recognition and response to Him manifests as the heart’s native impulse to become His devotee and to practice the Reality-Way of Adidam in His Company.

The Divinely Empowered Agencies of Avatar Adi Da’s Work

During His physical lifetime, Avatar Adi Da established the essential means by which His Divine Self-Revelation is extended to all and the practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam is made possible in perpetuity. These are:

  • Avatar Adi Da’s bodily human form (preserved in photographs and other visual media)
  • His written and spoken Teaching and the Leelas (or stories) of His Life and Work
  • The Spiritually Empowered Hermitages and Retreat Sanctuaries of Adidam
  • The sacred cooperative culture of devotees who in practice all the human, relational, and spiritual disciplines of the Reality-Way of Adidam

Avatar Adi Da created an entire Way of life that includes all these Agencies as His Gifts to all who practice the Reality-Way of Adidam.

We invite you to explore all these Gifts, as well as the various forms of involvement in a direct devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him.

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Avatar Adi Da’s Legacy
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